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  • Challenging academics using the Abeka curriculum and serving preschool through 12th grades

  • Student assessment test scores are above local and state averages

  • Up-to-date technology and classroom supplies such as Chromebooks and Smartboards

  • Extra-curricular activities such as sports, programs, and school events

  • Classes we call "Specials" like music, art, library, Bible, bookmobile, physical education, Spanish, and weekly Chapel services

  • National Honor Society

  • College Credit Plus option for high schoolers

  • Qualified teachers who undergo continuous training

Find out more about the Abeka Christian School curriculum at

New Graduation Requirements

At the beginning of the 2018 school year, the state of Ohio has released new graduation requirements. Please click the resources below to learn more.

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Academic Staff​

Mrs. Jennifer Zeller

Mrs. Shannon Tubbs

Mrs. Ellen Anderson



Miss Lauren Hickey


Mrs. Kathy Stocker

1st grade

Mrs. Sara Rausch

2nd grade

Mrs. Casandra Webster

4th grade

Mrs. Cindy Kraft

3rd grade

Mrs. Donna Covic

5th grade

Miss Tara Parson

6th grade


Middle School | High School

Mrs. Dana Kittner

7th grade Homeroom

Mr. Keith Leindecker

8th grade Homeroom

Mr. Josh Loper

9th & 10th grade Homeroom

Pastor Joe Sanders

11th & 12th grade Homeroom

Mrs. Sharon Escobar



Pastor Sam Brown

Mrs. Amanda Hamilton



Mrs. Kelly Treat

Music & Art

Mrs. Cassie Smith


Mrs. Dana Leach


Mrs. Raylene Deluca

Mrs. Lois Wolfe

Mrs. Ellen Anderson


Miss Belinda Jones

Lunch Program

Mr. Lee Goldman

Facility Manager

Mrs. Kim Goldman

Mrs. Lori Monroy

Mrs. Brenda VanKouwenberg

Office Staff

Mr. Stan Zurowski

Office Support

Amanda Hamilton


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